Company History

To reach the world with the message of hope by creating jewelry and gifts of exceptional quality which will inspire people to express and share their faith.

 Bob Siemon Designs was founded in 1970 in a circus wagon in Calabasas, California, just outside of Los Angeles. Siemon was a young art student with a passion for silversmithing and a new found faith that inspired him to fabricate a sterling silver ring inscribed with the words “Jesus Saves”. Soon after the creation of that Officefirst ring, Siemon started making similar rings for other Christians throughout Southern California. Local retailers took notice and Siemon’s mission became clear: to reach the world with the message of hope by creating jewelry and gifts of exceptional quality which inspire people to express and share their faith.

With aimpactaward1.gif (4786 bytes)n ever increasing product line and a reputation for superior quality, service, and creativity, Bob Siemon Designs is recognized as the Christian retail industry’s leading jewelry designer and manufacturer. Over the years, Bob Siemon Designs has received numerous awards for excellence in product and service.

Today, the company resides on 5 acres in an 80,000 square foot building in Santa Ana, California where their comprehensive line of inspirational products are designed, handcrafted, and distributed worldwide.






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